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Storytellers Workshops

School workshops - Team building - Community-based - at REmida

For all inquiries, please email

As part of the project, we will be delivering a series of workshops to support people's storytelling confidence, skills and delivery. 

The sessions are:

  • Storytelling basics - 45-minute session: introduces participants to the fundamentals of storytelling within a relaxed and entertaining session.

  • World builders - 90-minute session: let's you build a creature from repurposed materials and then helps you create the narrative context in which your creature lives.

  • Stories and puppets - 90-120 minutes: whereas the world builders' session focuses on making creatures, this session zeros in on the relationship between puppets and storytelling.

  • Visual storytelling - 45-90 minutes: focuses on how you can tell your story without words. The session is ideal for groups wanting to extend their storytelling toolkit and for people working across mixed-literacy cohorts.

  • Storytelling as memory - half-day session: this session is designed for organisation's interested in telling, preserving or changing the trajectory of their shared story. The workshop is an ideal team building session, especially as part of a larger strategic, planning or staff development day.

For all inquiries, please email

Costs and Swaps

Each session can be purchased, see the price guide below, as normal. However,  there is also the option of reducing the cost of the session by submitting stories to the Project as part of the booking process.

For example:

  • You select the visual storytelling session for your group.

    • The price for which ranges from $150 - $280 depending on session length​.

    • You can offset up to 30% of the costs by submitting an agreed number of stories, via the website, prior to your booking confirmation.

But wait, we want to learn about storytelling, so how does that all work?

It's really easy, we send you a link that you can share with people to capture some simple, text-based stories. The submission from is structured as a series of questions, which guide the storytelling process, and it  takes about 5minutes to complete.

This is a great option if you'd like to have a workshop for your group, but you're on a budget.

Price Guide

  • Storytelling basics

    • Duration - 45min

    • Price - $150

    • Max - 35 participants

  • World builders

    • Duration - 90min

    • Price - $280

    • Max - 35 participants

  • Stories and puppets

    • Duration - 90 - 120 minutes

    • Price - $280 - 370

    • Max - 35 participants

  • Visual storytelling

    • Duration - 45 - 90 min

    • Price - $150 - $280

    • Max - 35 participants

  • Storytelling as memory

    • Duration - 240mins

    • Price - $ 675

    • Max - 50 participants

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