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Types of Storytelling

How you tell a story, it's mode of transmission, varies depending on:

  • What you have to say.

  • The audience you are hoping to reach.

  • And how you want the audience to, hopefully, respond to your story.

For this Project, there are 6 main submission categories:

  1. Written - this includes handwritten, typed, or stories submitted directly through the website.

  2. Two-dimensional - includes paintings, drawings, mixed media, collages, and wearable pieces.

  3. SculptureThis includes 3D works, such as statues, mandalas, clay work, and mixed media.

  4. Performance - Dance, drama, spoken word, music, and song.

  5. Digital - this includes any story whose primary mode of transmission is exclusively digital.

  6. Analogue - this includes audio recordings, photography, and camcorder footage.

A piece may fit into one or more categories, and that's ok. The submission categories help the project team to best categorise your work once it is submitted.

You can download the submission guidelines here.

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