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General Submission

There are 4 steps to the submission process:

  1. Complete the online form, below, or request the PDF version.

  2. The Project team will get in touch to arrange the collection or delivery of your story.

  3. You then receive a catalogue number to identify your submission and track its movements within the Project.

  4. Your submission is streamed into a collection for inclusion in an exhibiton and the online catalouge.

General submissions
Delivery and Storage

If you are delivering your story to REmida, please email, to arrange the time and date.

Submission Details

Thank you for sharing your story

Digital Submissions

You are most welcome to submit your story online, either as plain text (see below) or by attaching file or link.

If you have any difficulties with your online submission, please email the project team.

As with all submissions, the story can be included in the online showcase with the author details removed. However, all submissions must have valid contact information. Please note, the Project team will get in touch with you prior to your story being formally included as part of the collection.

Submit a Digital File
Submission Details

The summary will be included as an artist's statement for the online showcase

Upload File

Thank you for sharing your story

Plain Text Submissions

Plain Text Stories
Submission Details

Thank you for sharing your story

You are welcome to make a purely text-based submission. This is a great option for shorter stories that can be read easily via a mobile device.

Plain text submissions
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