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Exhibition and Collections


Details of upcoming exhibitions and venues will be posted here and on the Facebook page as they become available.

As stories are received, they are streamed into one of 5 main collections.

  1. Autobiographical - a story about your direct life experiences. 

    • The story can be anonymous and still qualify under this collection.

  2. Conceptual (creative and thematic) - a story that expresses an idea, concept, emotion, or experience within a more metaphorical presentation.

  3. Generational - stories that speak to specific moments in time.

  4. Cultural - stories that speak to a person's culture, family, or traditions.

The Vomit Collection (Collection 5)

Storytelling is cathartic as you externalise what may be a painful memory, experience or burden. The Vomit Collection focuses on the process of externalisation, getting the story out and on paper.

The Collection is a sealed body of work that is not exhibited and the submission process is slightly different for this collection.

As with any submission, you still need to abide by the Storytellers charter and include your contact details at the point of submission. However, the work itself remains sealed and is destroyed at the end of the Project. 

The work is then acknowledged in the online catalogue in the following format:

  • Your first initial and a single-word summary, for example W-Regret.

  • To make a submission to the Vomit Collection, send us an email.


Exhibitions will occur at different points throughout the Project, as work is received within the various collections.

Some Common Questions:

  •  Can I get help to tell my story?

    • Absolutely, send us an email, visit REmida or give us a call if you need advice on how to get started.​

    • While we are happy to support your efforts, the Project team isn't able to lend creative or editorial support.

    • Translation and assistive technology support are available.

  • Will my story be exhibited?

    • Our aim is to exhibit as many stories as possible.​

    • All stories are included in the online catalogue.

    • Some stories are best suited to a particular audience or age group. We may not have the right opportunity to exhibit your story.

  • Can you store my story?

  •  What if someone wants to buy my story?

    • You are most welcome to respond to an inquiry, i.e. if someone sees your story and decides to make an offer.​

    • The Project is not primarily designed to promote the sale of people's works.

  • Can my story be anonymous?

    • Yes and no.

    • All submissions need to be clearly identified.

    • But for its inclusion in the online catalogue or an exhibition, your personal details can be omitted.

    • If we cannot identify the author of a work at the point of submission, it will be rejected.

  • Can my story be purely creative?

    • Yes, a story does not have to be autobiographical to be included.

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