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Telling Stories

A story recounts an event (or series of events) by taking the audience through in three stages, beginning, middle, and end. And within that basic structure, there are many (many) ways to tell a story.

The four key aspects of a story are the...

Apocalyptic City


The who or what that lives at the centre of your tale.

Clock in Station


The relationship that exists between your subject and time.



The reason for telling a particular story.

Drawing on Glass Window


The mode of expression, how your story is told.

What we are looking for


For this Project, there are 4 main submission categories:

  1. Written - this includes handwritten, typed, or stories submitted directly through the website.

  2. Painted/Drawn - paintings, photography, drawing, mixed media, collages.

  3. Sculpture - this includes 3D works, sound installations, statues, clay, jewellery and fashion.

  4. Performance - spoken word poems, songs, music, short, one act plays.

A piece may fit into one or more categories, and that's ok. The submission categories help the project team to best categorise your work once it is submitted.

You can download the submission guidelines here.

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