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Welcome to the Storytellers Project

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By sharing your story with the Project, you become part of the 1000 stories collection, a symbolic snapshot of what it means to experience life during these moments in time.

We are looking for stories that may be...

Gold Fish

Reflections from life

Abstract Texture

Purely creative

Neon Typewriter Keys

Drawn from an existing work

Drawing on Glass Window

Have a cathartic aspect

If you already have a story in mind, you can jump to the submissions page now, or keep reading to learn more. 

What form can my story take?

We are looking for stories that fit into one of these main categories, which are...



loose leaf, bound or digital

Painter in Studio


2D representations, scrapbook pages, paintings



Free standing pieces max height 80cm, max width 40cm 

Drawing on Glass Window


Spoken word poems, songs, music, plays

The best place to start may be a conversation. Reach out to the Project Team and we can find the best way for you to share your story. 

If you have a quick or simple story to share, you can complete a plain text submission here.

What becomes of my story?

As the stories are collected, they are streamed into one of the submission types, which are used to prepare stories for an exhibition.

To learn more about the exhibition process, click here.

Tom Rosenthall - You Might Find Yours

Special thanks to the amazing Tom Rosenthall for lending his single, You Might Find Yours to the Storytellers Project. Check out the rest of Tom's music on Spotify.

You Might Find Yours.jpg

Where does the Project Live?

The Project is based at REmida Perth, although the story collection process can happen anywhere.

REmida is located at 1 Prospect Place, West Perth, 6005.

You can contact the Project at, and 0452214790.

We recognise that words are powerful things, please download a copy of the Storytellers' Charter to help guide your process.

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